Cookies regulation in Spain


On April 2013, the Spanish Data Protection Authority published a Guide in order to help businesses to comply with the confusing regulation regarding the use of cookies. That regulation is mandatory since 2012. But so far, such requirements haven’t been widely implemented.

In this itnig friday, Víctor Roselló, co-founder of the law office Esfera Legal, will explain which are the main obligations that entrepreneurs and web developers, who are offering their services or products on Internet (who doesn't?), must observe regarding the use of cookies.

“Am I using cookies that are affected by this law?”, “What do I have to do in that case?”, “Do I have to inform my customers?”, “Ask for their permission?”... If you want to know the answer to all this questions, and many more, join us on Friday, September 13th at itnig. We will answer all of them with Víctor Roselló!