Five Misconceptions About Personal Data


We produce vast amounts of data in our daily lives. Email, text, search, check-in, photos, payments – all these activities create a trail of digital exhaust. This personal data has been triumphantly declared a new asset class by the WEF and compared to oil as the world’s newest economic resource. This has sparked a frantic race to gather it.

This gold rush obscures the real value of personal data, and forgets a fundamental rule of innovation: start with the person. Why has this basic principle been largely absent from our obsession with big data?

This itnig friday with Elisabeth Leegwater, design strategist at Claro Partners, draws on global ethnographic research with data-driven individuals, experts, and start-ups to address five common misconceptions about personal data. It concludes with a set of simple principles and business case examples to bring a human-centred, small data perspective to life.

This friday will be memorable for sure, don’t miss it!