Advanced Ruby Workshop


What is your workshop about?
This workshop aims to cover all the important aspects of the Ruby programming language, in order to know this technology in full depth: Object Model, Eigenclass, Inheritance, Modules, Code Blocks, Metaprogramming, Constants, Threads, Safety, Patterns, Exceptions, Extensions, etc. Assuming participants have a basic knowledge of this language and its characteristics, we will continue investigating until we know absolutely everything.

Why is this course relevant nowadays?
Ruby is a revolutionary language that is growing year after year, largely thanks to the Rails web framework, that has given and continues to give it a great popularity. Both Rails and Ruby are increasingly used by all kinds of companies and organizations, and experts in these technologies are becoming more sought after and better valued.

What will I learn in this workshop?
You will learn all about Ruby and you will understand all those things you've seen before about this language, but still do not know what they mean. Besides, you will learn to use it optimally and you'll get to know all the available tools.

What practical skill sets can I expect to have upon completion of the workshop?
This workshop will give you the ability to improve the Ruby code you write from now on. You will get to know the language much better, and you will understand why it is best to do some things it in a certain way. You will start reading Ruby code that you probably don’t understand right now, and you will learn the most common patterns.

Discover Ruby in depth!

This workshop is splitted in 2 days:

Saturday, September 28th from 10am to 2pm
Saturday, October 5th from 10am to 2pm



  • Bring your laptop (or someone else’s) with Ruby installed, in order to follow the examples that will be shown and in order to be able to do the exercises. If you can’t bring any laptop, we will do workgroups.
  • Attendees should already have previous Ruby’s knowledge & experience. You should have worked with Ruby, both at work and on your own, because all language bases will be taken for granted and from there, we will go forward to cover all the most advanced aspects of the language.

PS: The first 10 attendants will have a T-SHIRT for free!