RUG Barcelona Monthly Meetup!


We are happy to announce that RUG people in Barcelona are going to celebrate their monthly meetups at itnig! The first meeting will feature two talks:

1. “Visualizing Data: Geolocation as an Emerging Demographic Analysis Tool” by Juan Galeano

Our existence is constrained by two key variables, time and space. The demographics, since birth, has been concerned with time series analysis. The development of geo-location technologies has allowed to incorporate the space variable to demographic studies at a level of detail never seen before. Out of this development new fields of research have born, such as geo-demographics, given that humans have the nasty tendency to exist in a time and place determined.

In this talk, you will learn:

  • To use the sqldf package as a tool for reading large data files.
  • To split a data-frame as a variable of interest.
  • To split a file .shp in multiple files of the same size.
  • To use the GoogleVis package for data visualization.
  • To use the plotGoogleMaps package for geolocation data.

2. "Prediction with logistic regression and ROC curves" by Roger Borràs

Roger will present the classic logistic model, which is one of the many options of a supervised model that exist, in order to find and to calibrate the degree of statistical relationship between a dichotomous response variable and one or more predictor variables, which can be categorical or continuous. He will also discuss the ROC curves, which among other things allow us to define cutoffs for our predictor variables that minimize the prediction error of the response.