Assertiveness, Empathy and Team Building


The wisdom of a team or an organization starts with the self-knowledge and assertiveness of each of its members, of the empathy between them, and finally from the the establishment of a co-leadership strategy, that should also be collaborative and collective.

In this itnig friday, Juna Albert, Founder and President at Emotional Physics, will talk about the wisdom of organizations. Wisdom comes from the ability to be present and attuned to the context. The presence requires tolerance for uncertainty and diversity, something that can not be developed from the arrogance and inflexibility.

Wise organizations get what they celebrate. The new science shows that to celebrate connects the teams and facilitates continuous and sustained achievement despite market swings and changes in mindset, process, and technology.And nowadays, this is the only way to lead teams to challenge uncertainty and to collectively move forward&steadily without fear and toward their visions and missions.

Do you want to know more about this topic? Join us on friday, October 18 at itnig!