UI Creative Workshop: Design a Tablet Collaboration App


This is a Design Workshop organized by our colleagues from the UX&UI Barcelona Meetup Group.

  • The challenge: Design an iOS or Android tablet app for sharing different versions of wireframes & specs on the go. It should be a simple mobile collaboration tool where UX designers can add documents to share with development teams and the teams can provide feedback on those.

  • References: It could be an aggregator app connecting to Dropbox or other services where one can put the specifications. Think of it as GoodReader app, but lighter, simpler and more focused on the communication between UX and developers.

  • Users: UX and development teams you work with

  • Context of use: Travel, spending a lot of time outside the office or working on different projects, the need to keep the communication flow going around the wireframes/ specs to not cause delays etc. The need to move away from chains of emails and have a more contextual communication around design.

  • Workshop Plan:

    • Intro - what people should expect (10 min), who we are and how it will all work
    • Division of groups and handing out materials (10 min)
    • Working on activity as a group (45 min)
    • Gathering screens and syncing them to share (10 min)
    • Discussion (30 min)
    • Socializing/Networking (15 - 45 min - depending on how much time left at the end)

This workshop costs 3 €, a symbolic price for covering its costs: materials & snacks.