Data Tools Ecosystem for Non-Programmers


If you are not a developer, but interested in Data Journalism, Big Data, Data Analysis or Data Visualization, then you need to attend this #itnigfridays by Oscar Marín, Data Engineer at Outliers Collective.

In this talk, Oscar will introduce the vast set of tools available to gather, analyze and visualize data, with a bias on tools for non-programmers.

Some examples of the tools that will be introduced:

  • Web scraping and Open Refine to gather and clean data
  • How Excel can help in Data Analysis
  • Tools for Network Analysis
  • Tools for making interactive maps
  • Tools for drawing statistical graphs

Join us and learn about the whole process of data analysis and visualization and what are the best tools for helping implementing your idea.

You'll drop your fears around Data and you’ll get informed on how to proceed with your project without writing a single line of code. It's not that complicated!