ANGEL CAPITAL EXPO: "From Scratch To 20K Products A Day” by Bernat Farrero


Bernat Farrero, co-founder and CEO of Camaloon and itnig, will talk about strategy in the next ANGEL CAPITAL EXPO, a meeting between investors and entrepreneurs seeking funding organized by Keiretsu Forum. He will talk about the story of Camaloon and how it came to sell 20K products a day, starting from the ground.

Here you can read a bit of the story:

Camaloon’s story started in Barcelona at the end of 2011 by sellingpersonalized badges online. Now, a year and a half later, Camaloon has already validated its business model and has expanded internationally, selling products to Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, UK and The Netherlands. With a diversified range of products, Camaloon is expected to achieve 1,5M € sales this year. WTF? Selling personalized badges, magnets and stickers? It’s true!. If you don’t believe us, join us on Wednesday, July 10, to find out thedetails of Camaloon’s story from Bernat Farrero, co-founder and CEO at Camaloon.

This talk will take place at DHUB.

The ticket for the whole event costs 16,65€.