Digital Gaming by Enconexo Lab


Would you like to know in depth the universe of the digital gaming industry? Join us in the next Enconexo Lab, where we will discover what's behind the buzzwords Gaming, Mobile Gaming, Advergaming and Gambling with 3 top entrepreneurs:

  • Cristian Planas, CEO at Playfulbet, a startup with less than 1 year old and more than 43,000 users participating in this social game sports betting platform. With a recent investment of 100,000 euros, they have entered strong in the online gambling industry.

  • David Morcillo, CTO at Adverway, a specialist in creating customed gaming applications for brands through social networking platforms.

  • Danae Vara, Product Manager at Digital Legends, a firm that has developed mobile games for Zynga, Adidas and EA. They have also created the game Respawnables.

Join us and learn more about the various business models that arise around the digital gaming industry!

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