from the Idea to the Internationalization in 2 years

ATTENTION: THIS TEMPLATE IS DEPRECATED, the first and only platform in which you can book hotels per hours, is going into its 4th round of funding. Founded in March 2012 with a team of 5 people and in one of the most competitive online sectors in the world - the travel industry - has now a team of 23 people and is besides preparing its internationalization. WOW!

To understand how he did it, we have invited Christian Rodriguez, founder & CEO at to this itnig friday. Christian will talk about his entrepreneurial experience: how he has managed to make stand out in a market full of giants, how to overcome barriers, what’s the importance of closing big deals, how essential it is to go fast and work hard, etc...

However, despite the success he achieved, Christian is aware that "we don’t know where we’ll be tomorrow, nor in a couple of months”. In fact, is still a startup operating in a rapidly changing and uncertain environment.

If you want to hear first about's business model and how the travel market works, join us in this itnig friday!