Shopify Master Class - The Deepest Shopify Overview You Could Ever Think Of!


This is the 1st Barcelona Shopify Wednesdays Meetup!

You have a Shopify store, you're planning to launch one, or you just want to know more about what the heck is Shopify, you should come to this meetup:

What you will hear/learn in this encounter:

  1. Shopify in the Universe
  2. Virtues of the platform
  3. Virtues of the ecosystem
  4. Weaknesses of the platform
  5. Shopify POS
  6. Shopify & Telepienso - from 0 to 100 orders a day in 2 years
  7. Shopify Apps
  8. Shopify Themes
  9. Top Shopify Stores
  10. Funniest Products sold on Shopify stores
  11. References: Catalan & Spanish Shopify Stores

This talk is presented by Alexandre Saiz, Marketing Manager of Telepienso & founder of Microapps (formerly Shopfrogs)

Join us and enjoy a Shopify Masterclass with handsome people, Shopify presents, as many test stores with unlimited free trial as you want, lots of delicious pastries & free Moritz Beer, of course.

Don't think twice and sign up!