Retention Hacking 101


"Customer churn kills companies - you pay big bucks to attract, acquire and activate new customers, but for some reason they just keep walking out the door."

So you try to fix that by increasing your acquisition budget, raising your AdWords bids, doing some more SEO, maybe even hiring some salespeople to keep the company on its growth curve.... but then your acquisition costs exceed your customer lifetime value. And after all the efforts, you die.

Retention Hacking is to find out why your customers aren't sticking around and what you can do about it.

We will talk about this with Ian Collingwood, whpo will share his ideas behind Retention Hacking from his experiences with companies like Rated People, Niumba, LoveFilm, Parkimeter, Simply Business and many others.

Join us and learn more about this art and science of keeping your customers happy by delivering value over the long term. It's a mashup of UX, analytics and Service Design.