Introduction to SASS (and COMPASS)


CSS preprocessors have already been with us for a while and are becoming more popular: thanks to them we can introduce variables, functions, blocks of reusable code and other resources into our stylesheets. All this makes our CSS much easier to write and to maintain. The most popular preprocessor is called Sass. In this workshop the guys of Swwweet will teach you how to use it from zero.

This workshop is a 6hours introduction to the use of Sass: from the most basic principles to one of its most popular frameworks, Compass.


  • Introduction to preprocessors
  • What’s the difference between LESS & Sass?
  • Variables, mixins, @extend
  • Selectors nesting
  • Partials: @import
  • Operations
  • Controls: @if, @for, @each, @while
  • Functions & own functions
  • Sass Style Guide
  • Introduction to Compass
  • How to use Sass frameworks

50€ + VAT (until December, 2)
65€ + VAT (standard)

Saturday, January 25th
10am - 1:30pm & 2:30pm - 5pm

Who will I be sitting next to in this workshop?
The course will be mainly practical and it’s aimed at people with minimal knowledge of front-end development (HTML and CSS).

Bring your own computer (any operating system) and the code editor of choice.