Lean Startup & Agile: How do they live together?


We are back in this 2014 with lots of energy and a very interesting discussion panel about lean startup & agile methodologies!

Among other issues, we will discuss the following:

  • How do Lean & Agile live together?
  • How do they work together?
  • What are the problem that founders are facing?

The speakers who will participate in this panel are:

  • Aitor Guevara, technical founder at Ducksboard, who will address Lean & Agile from a technical point of view.

    Ducksboard is a SaaS company striving to offer user-friendly business KPIs and metrics. As de-facto CTO, his role is to keep the technical team roadmap and resources aligned with the company's business and sales strategies. Aitor values experience over talent, and he learnt the hard way that done is better than perfect.

  • Marc Florit is an Agile Guide & Change Agent in his own agency, WynWin, and he will talk about his experience transforming teams.

    His background as project manager and agile coach + his experience in multiple projects have allowed him to experiment with various methodologies that led him to different results obtained with different teams and business models. Marc is also teacher and consultor at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

  • To close the session, Diego MariƱo will contribute to the debate with his experience as founder at Ducksboard.

    Previously, Diego founded the cloud management solutions company, Abiquo. He has also been advisor of numerous startups, bringing its mixed profile & experience in technology and business.

We're eager to attend this panel! If you feel the same, book your seat now!