R Users Group Regular Meeting


In this 1st RugBcn monthly meetup of 2014 we will do a small workshop about webscraping - navigating through a webpage and downloading data from it - and how to deal with dates with Lluis Ramon, Road Safety & Mobility Expert at Servei CatalĂ  del TrĂ nsit, and Aleix Ruiz de Villa, Scientific Developer at TSS.

With them you will learn webscraping and how to deal with dates:

  • Lluis will talk about working with dates using the package lubridate
  • and Aleix will talk about the recently developed package relenium, that extends the possibilities of webscraping with R.

Basic date and string types are often painful in R, but the proposed packages make our life much easier! If you want to learn more about this, tag along! No previous knowledge is required.