Mindful & Meaningful Entrepreneurship: The Social Coin!


Have you ever heard about The Social Coin? It’s an altruistic initiative of exchange of favours emerged in Barcelona. Every coin mined initiates a serie of random acts of kindness, and every coin/act can be tracked and measured. It’s a proven fact that this disinterested kindness improves people's lives, both for the giver and the receiver.

In order to understand better how The Social Coin works, we will count this time with Walaâ Hechach, Leading Changemaker at Ashoka, who has been collaborating as a Business Developer at The Social Coin since the project started, 2 years ago. Walaâ will talk about her experience being a core team-member at The Social Coin, and she will explain how it has been able to change the life of hundreds of people.

If entrepreneurship, self compromise, trascendence and social vision are among your interests, you can't miss this itnigfriday! If not, we would love to know your point of view on this project, so tag along anyway!