Introduction to HTML and CSS by 3bytestrings


What is your workshop about?
Learning how to build basic websites and master the technical vocabulary to communicate your ideas to your teammates, developers and designers.

Why is this course relevant nowadays?
Whether you work in teams with developers and like to speak their language or are looking to learn how to code, you can learn basic web programming concepts in this class.

This course is a must for anyone who wants to build products or works with developers and designers as part of their day to day work.

Saturday, February 08, 10am - 14pm
Saturday, February 15, 10pm - 14pm


What will I learn in this workshop?

1. Intro to web development

  • Define how DNS servers, web servers and web browsers work together to deliver interactive web pages
  • Understand how developers, UX experts and designers should work together to develop a great web app
  • Manage files using a text editor

2. Building Web Pages

  • Identify the Doctype in an HTML document and indicate whether the document is HTML5
  • Implement basic HTML elements and CSS properties to a fully functional web site
  • Differentiate between the use of HTML and CSS.
  • Best practices for using CSS and HTML.

3. More HTML & CSS

  • Apply HTML tags: <head>, <link>, <script>, <style>, <meta> to web pages
  • Apply tags to HTML document to effectively section content
  • Identify deprecated HTML and practice the use of more flexible alternatives with CSS
  • Differentiate between the various image file types, as well as basic web color principles: RGB, CMYK, hexadecimal color
  • Experiment with basic CSS properties such as: background, fonts & text to style a web page

What practical skills can I expect to have upon completion of this workshop?
You'll be able to:

  • Understand the basic of web programming
  • Build websites and basic apps using HTML & CSS
  • Understand web technicalities and know of things to watch out for when building a web app

Who will I be sitting next to in this workshop?
Attendees will have little or no background in web programming, HTML and CSS. Some participants would have played around HTML & CSS before coming to the course.

So the guy or girl sitting next to you would ideally be someone working at a startup or technical company in a non-technical role. Some attendees would be entrepreneurs who are looking to develop their own startup product in the coming months.

All the attendees will have a passion to learn new things


  • Build a simple but elegant web site
  • Learn basics technicalities of web programming
  • Uderstand how developers and designers can add value to your web app
  • Basic grounding for you to move onto a more advanced topic like Advanced HTML& CSS or Introduction to programming


NO prior knowledge of HTML & CSS or programming is required to attend this course.

This is a workshop held by 3bytestrings and hosted by itnig