Airbnb, redefining travel!


Airbnb was born in 2008 as a marketplace for people to list and book accommodations around the world. From 2012 to now the platform has grown from 120K listings to over 300k listings*. WTF!

We have always been curious about Airbnb and we always wanted to know more about this P2P platform who has changed lives of thousand of people, hosts & travelers. That’s why we have invited Jeroen Merchiers, Airbnb's Managing Director for Spain & Portugal.

Jeroen will briefly present the case of Airbnb. He will share his experience in building a leading P2P platform, he will talk about the challenges that arise and how to overcome them, and he will do a comparison with other P2P platforms like Groupalia and some of the other start-ups he’s mentoring.

If you want to learn further from Jeroen experience at Airbnb, don't miss this friday at itnig! 6:30pm sharp!