User Acquisition on Mobile and How to Cross the Gap between Web and Mobile


During the Mobile World Congress we would like to focus our spotlight on mobile.

For this meetup in February we count on the speech of Andree Huk, Product/Growth + User Experience fanatic, who will give a talk about mobile growth hacks.

Questions that need to be answered:

- What channels do I have at my disposal? (e.g. Facebook, email…)
- How do I prepare and set up each channel with what tools?
- How can I use email, push notifications, friends invites and recommendations to my advantage?
- How do I track each and what are the bottlenecks?
- How can I set up Android correctly to do end-to-end tracking?
- How can I do this properly on iOS as well, what tools are available?

As you probably know, our PRESENT is MOBILE. So, don't miss this chance to learn mobile growth hacks!

See you on Monday, February 25th. 7pm sharp!