Design an App for Everyday Surprises Around the City


After the success of the last workshop, UX&UI BCN meetup group brings you a new one to fit with all the exciting activities around MWC!

Same principle as last time: you bring your positive energy and brainstorm capacity and we work in small groups to sketch out ideas for a mobile app we would all enjoy. We all learn and bounce ideas off each other while enjoying some snacks and a Moritz.

This workshop has a symbolic price of 3 Euro as a contribution towards materials, snacks and expenses for future events in this group - we are not doing this for profit! (Pay the same day at the door).

And here we come with The Design Challenge:

  • Intro: You live in the beautiful city of Barcelona, you have all the great restaurants and sights at your fingertips. You just look up your location on Tripadvisor, Foursquare and the like and there is always a cool place to eat around the corner. But what about events that are happening around? Festivals, local fiestas, concerts, meetups or just that little jazz jam session session just down the road….How can you discover these in a spontaneous way? - without the need to browse endless listings from various sources and plan in advance?

  • Challenge: Design a mobile application that allows users to discover interesting events based on proximity and time. How would the UI change over time to show the most relevant information? How would the user view and filter the events on their mobile phone?

    For the ones among you interested in Big Data, try to imagine which streams of information could this application connect to...How would you digest those streams for a better UX?

  • It can be any platform you want to try out with your group, e.g. iOS, Android, Windows 8 phone.

  • Users: Local residents (can also be useful for tourists who want to get off the beaten track a bit).

  • Context: Exploring the city one lives in, discover new places, be surprised.

So, UX people from Barcelona and UX beginners in town, JOIN US!
We'll learn a lot together and it will be fun!