Possibilities and Limits of the Intellectual Property


Every author should have an extensive knowledge of the possibilities and limits of the rights conferred on his work: what rights does an artist have? How to use them before closing any deal? How to protect your work in front of third parties? What steps to take before publishing your work?

In this talk, Marc Puyuelo, lawyer at Delvy Asesores specialized in IP, will answer all these questions by walking through the following points:

  • What is intellectual property, what are its limits and what does it serves for.
  • Explanation of what is work and what is not.
  • Economic rights and moral rights.
  • The requirement of originality.
  • Creative Commons Licenses.
  • Basic Principles on the legal protection of software.
  • Negotiable and non-negotiable rights.
  • Case Studies.

If you are an artist or work with third parties works, this #itnigfriday is tailored for you! You will learn a number of skills in order to promote the work of artists or third parties with minimal risks, or at least knowing what those are.