Legal Wednesday with Philippe Gelis, CEO at Kantox


And Legal Wednesday is back on March!

This time the top guest is Philippe Gelis, CEO at Kantox a pioneering technology platform in the currency exchange industry based in Barcelona and London. Through Kantox, companies from the "real economy " can exchange currencies without bank intermediation, which represents significant savings in over 25 currencies.

Thanks to the platform, companies on either side of the world can better overcome the risk of a fluctuating euro, pound or dollar during the import-export of goods and services. Some months ago, Kantox was listed in Wired listed as one of the most interesting startups in the European startups' scene.

In this Legal Wednesday, Philippe Gelis will talk about the beginnings of Kantox, what relevant legal issues arosen in its founding and development and how to tackle the everyday difficulties that appear as the business evolves.

This will be a memorable event, don't miss it!