Entrepreneurial Experience: Dani González, co-founder at Infantium


We are back with our weekly events! (The definitive name for them will be announced very soon ^^)

To start this Thursday's events series, we have a very special guest: Dani González, co-founder at Infantium!

Dani will explain at itnig what he has learned (and is still learning) through his experience as co-founder at Infantium.

Although you probably already know about this startup, here you can find a brief summary:

Infantium is an adaptive learning platform that personalizes child digital content for children between 0 and 7 years old, depending on skills, learning style and the performance of each child. The platform is able to learn from the children's engagement and refine the recommendations that better match the needs of each one, adjusting those recommendations to create individualized learning paths. Wow!

Besides of being one of the startups accelerated at Wayra, Infantium was pre-selected to be showcased at the First Wayra Spain DemoDay during the last 4YFN, and it was also selected by TNW as one of their 5 favorite startups.

You can't miss Dani's story with Infantium! JOIN US for this first Thursday at itnig, on MARCH 20th!