Barcelona iCity, Open & Social Innovation's Ecosystems


Did you know that Barcelona won recently the iCapital prize for intoducing new technologies that contribute to involve people with their own city? Barcelona has won this prize because it provides solutions that improve the quality of life of its citizens.

In this itnig friday we have the pleasure to count on Laia Sánchez, expert in Smart Cities and coordinator of the project iCity at CitiLab, who will talk about the technological solutions needed for this new model of city. The challenge is that this solutions must take into account open standards and must be accompanied by new processes of governance in the management of the city.

The process of opening data & infrastructure must be developed in parallel with the deployment of a new framework of horizontal, symbiotic, open and transparent relationship with companies, freelancers, associations, citizens’ groups and projects, the third sector, research groupsand the administration itself.

If you want to know more about smart cities & citizens, and how this new urban environment is developing in Barcelona, join us this Thursday, March 27 at itnig!