Legal Issues to Start a Business in Spain


Barcelona is a very interesting place to establish a business activity. There is a solid entrepreneurial ecosystem, where you can find skilled partners and workers, and the lifestyle is great. All these elements are attractive enough to start an entrepreneurial adventure in this city. So its very important to know how you can start and how to comply with the legal requirements related with any entrepreneurial activity.

In this talk we have invited Pablo Mancía, co-founder at Delvy Asesores, we will do a review of the basic requirements that everyone should have in mind when starting a business in Spain:

  • the legal structure of the business
  • the difference between being self employed (autónomo) and creating a Limited Company (Sociedad Limitada)
  • the obligations with the Social Security
  • the basic requirements to incorporate a Legal Entity in Spain
  • the importance of having a Shareholder Agreement if we are working with one or more partners

Attending this talk you will have a basic but broad view of the legal issues that you need to comply with when starting a business in Spain.

Join us on Thursday, April 3! #itnigfridays!

ps: Notice that in this talk we will not discuss any inmigration law or legal requeriments to obtain residence permits in Spain.