Mobile Marketing: Current Status & Trends


According to a recent study by the Telefonica Foundation, we check our mobile phone about 150 times a day. For quite a long time already, the mobile phone lines outnumber the fixed lines, and we increasingly surf the web and participate in social media platforms from our smartphones. And the same is happening with online shopping: the number of purchases done through our smartphones is increasing steadily.

Alltogether, we are talking about millions and millions of users, not only in Spain but worldwide.

This whole market is a huge territory to explore by organizations to optimize the dissemination of their products or services and have an impact on the benefits of their businesses, projects or initiatives.

To speak about all this, ouf friends from ATI (Asociación de Técnicos de Informática) have the following guests to give us their vision as mobile professionals:

  • Juan Pablo Bustos - Current Trends in Mobile Marketing
    Juan Pablo is a director, teacher and tutor at the Mobile Marketing Postgraduate at INESDI. He is also founding partner and board member at Ubiqua, a mobile marketing agency, professor of Online and Mobile Marketing at INSA and visiting professor at La Salle.
  • Oscar Escudero - ASO techniques to optimize an app in reach the top of the App Markets
    Oscar is board member and investor at SlashMobility, a company dedicated to develop mobile application, co-founder and investor at DressApp a mobile application addressed to fashion market and counselor at Manduka Games, a company that develops mobile games. He also teaches at the UOC in the area of Information Technology.
  • Alejandro Castellano - How organizations can take advantage of mobile marketing?
    Co-founder and CEO at Ohlalapps, this firm was awarded as the best Spanish Mobile Applications company in 2013. He also runs Neosono and combines his professional activity with teaching in the mobile sector.