Essentials Every Non-Technical Person Need To Know To Build The Best Tech-Team


This talk is a special one, because it’s an event within the Fest-UP!, the first-ever Barcelona’s Startup Festival that is happening in town this week.

And for this special occasion, our guest is also special! Pau Ramon will share with us his mistakes and learnings as CTO at Redbooth. His insights can be really helpful for all of us, not only for people that want to build a technical team, but also for people who are actually part of one.

For those who are not familiar with building a tech-team, you have to know that it has some great challenges. Pau’s talk will put the focus on:

  • Hiring: developers are scarce! How can I attract them?
  • Management: how to get the most of your team?
  • Growing: how can I be as productive when the team grows?
  • Building a Culture: how to make your team happy?

If you wanna learn about concepts, experiences and examples of building, growing and managing a tech-team from an experienced CTO, you can’t miss this talk!