Ask questions about your MVP - A panel of discussion


Are you starting to work on your idea? Do you need to know more about the MVP concept? Why is important to build an MVP? What is your best MVP? What is it for?

In this meetup we will have a brief intro about the MVP by Alberto Alcaraz, founder at Testabit, and then you will be able to ask as many questions as you want about your MVP to the 3 panelists participating:

  • Alberto Alcaraz, founder at testabit
  • Michael Wolf, serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley
  • Veronica Torras, trainer & entrepreneur

Their answers will help you build the best MVP for your startup!

Schedule of the session:

> 15’ each: Alberto Alcaraz, founder at Testabit, is going to explain what is an MVP and why you should build one. Veronica Torras and Michael Wolfe are going to show their own experience on validating ideas before taking more risk than the necessary.

> 1 hour of questions and answers.

Bring your case and get help and ideas to build your MVP!