Trip4real Business Case


We are curious about the story behind Trip4real, “a global community marketplace that connects travelers seeking authentic, quality experiences with local experts who offer unique activites to do”. Sounds interesting, don’t you think so?

This startup was founded 1 year ago by Gloria Molins, and we have invited her to explain us her entrepreneurial story: how she came up with the idea, how difficult was to make it real, how the platform works right now, how she convinced Trip4real investors (Ferran Adrià and Toni Segarra & Luis Cuesta, co-founders at *S,C,P,F), and what are her recommendations for those of you interested in raising up a project within the eTravel industry!

If you are also curious about this startup made in Barcelona and you want to know more about how eTravel P2P marketplaces work, this talk is made for you! Don’t miss it!