"Write once, runs everywhere" Cross-platform native development with Qt and QML


Start to develop nice cross-platform apps easily with Qt and QML!

Àlex Fiestas and Aleix Pol, both KDE hackers, are going to give a brief introduction to the Qt and QML technologies. Qt is a framework that allows you to write native C++ applications that runs over Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Android and iOS. QML is the language that lets you design the UI with a CSS & JavaScript like syntax, providing the same codebase for designers & developers.


• 19:00-19:40 // Why Qt rocks: start developing cross-platform apps right now!

• 19:40-20:00 // Qt showcase.

After the talks we'll have the usual networking, with free beer included!

This meetup is organized by KDE España, the national association of users and developers of KDE, a free software project that builds the Plasma Desktop Environment and hundred of awesome applications using Qt and QML.