Build Your First Web


In this free workshop organized by Ironhack you will discover the basics of web development. Starting with programming environments, HTML5, CSS3, until deploying at, the key aspects of the latest web technologies will be covered.

If programming scares you, don't worry! In only two hours you will be able to style, publish and analyze the traffic of your own site.

What is this workshop about?
At this workshop we pretend to introduce people to the web coding world. There's a barrier because people don't know where to start and what is specially important. We want to give you resources and some advices to avoid panic and start to enjoy this fantastic world.

Why is this course relevant nowadays?
Today it's really important to have some coding skills. No matter what line of work you are in, technology is everywhere. Ironhack is one of the first coding schools with Spanish and English teachers who want to help you in your journey on how to learn code.

What will you learn in this workshop?
Programming environments (SublimeText and Google Dev Tool), HTML5, CSS3, Deploy at and some extra content like Godaddy link, Google Analytics and Crazy-egg (A/B Testing tool). All at a basic level.

What practical skills can I expect to have upon completion of this workshop?
You should expect to learn how to read web code (HTML5 and CSS3), how edit this code to make changes and understand how it works.

Who will I be sitting next to in this workshop?
People who have seen some code or has fought trying to make some changes at his own website, maybe some day at school or taking a website tutorial, ... . He knows how important is to start learning code, but always to start is complicated, someone has to show you how.


1. Introduction (Programming environments)

  • Sublime Text
  • Google Chrome

2. Structure (HTML5)

  • Tags and attributes
  • Folder and document parts
  • Styling

3. CSS3 (Where to change them)

  • Syntaxis property - attribute
  • Eeffects properties

4. Deploy it (

  • Create an account
  • Upload code

5. Extra

  • Making it visible
  • Link a Godaddy domain
  • Add Google Analytics
  • Add Crazy-Egg

Prereqs & Preparation