Business Case

ATTENTION: THIS TEMPLATE IS DEPRECATED is the Spanish version of the famous social network AdopteUnMec, which was created in France in 2008 by two life-long friends. It was released in 8 countries and launched in Spain in 2013, where it is a great success thanks to the buzz generated by the concept.

In this talk, Sara Jacue, Communication & Press Consultant and SM Strategist at, will talk about the communication strategy of this platform in Spain, she will reveal the differences between the 2 markets, Spain & France, and she will talk about the highlights of this project along this 2 years.

AdoptaUnTio Manifesto: “The customer is king, and he is queen – respect to the women. In this supermarket of hook-ups, the gals strike the bargain deals.

What will you learn in this talk? PR, communication, market research and to grasp business opportunities when launching an already existing concept in new markets.

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