Social Gaming Evolution And Its Influence on the Gamification Process to Capture, Retain and Improve Experiences


Mass access to the Internet via mobile devices has led to the rise of so-called social games - Social Gaming - where one of the most attractive aspects is the rivalry that exists between a group of friends, who compete to see who is the best, among strangers, or just with yourself.

The fact that they are multiplatform games and easy to play has lead this form of entertainment to be transferred to other areas such as academic training (learning through challenges with classmates: who answers correctly and in the shortest time) or personal care (share the miles you've run or calories burned, etc..). This is what is known as gamification.

Angry Birds, Candy Crush, or the more recent and ephemeral success of Flappy Bird are signs showing that the Social Gaming sector can generate a lot of business, so we can deduce that it is a good job opportunity for ICT professionals.

And that's why in this Picnic4Working organized at itnig in June, the guests are Manel Simon, CEO at Manduka Games, Julian Perez, Game Designer at King, and Cesar Córcoles teacher of Multimedia Studies, Multimedia and Telecommunications at UOC.

See the detailed agenda of this event here.