Ofertia Business Case


¿Are you an entrepreneur? ¿Are you interested in entrepreneurship? If the answer is yes, you can’t miss this talk by Jaume Betrian, co-founder at Ofertia, whoI will share with you his experience, and how he and his partners went from an idea to a profitable business in two years.

In this talk, Jaume will explain how they started, what were their motivations and fears, what steps did they follow and the mistakes they did along the way, from the very beginning of the company to the break-even point. In detail, Jaume will go through the following points:

  • How to find the right investors
  • How to grow your business
  • Common misconceptions of the entrepreneurship world
  • The fight against competition
  • How to build an A team

“It is not intended to be a master class or a guide, because I do not think there is a single right way to go about starting up your company and bringing it to profitability” Jaume says. He will try to share his experience with the hope that it inspires you!

If you are thinking on jumping to the entrepreneurial world, this itnig talk is for you! Join us!