Framework Debattle #1: Javascript for web apps. Angular vs. Ember vs. Backbone


Hello world!

Thinking about learning javascript and don't know which one to choose? You're not the only one overwhelmed by options. We're organizing this debattle to provide the insights so you can decide.

And what the %#@ is a debattle?!

Easy: we get together 3 speakers, each of one will talk about one framework and discuss the pros and cons of using them.

For this very first FrameworkDebattle we chose three of the most popular Javascript frameworks: Angular, ember y Backbone.


David Morcillo (CTO de Adverway)

Pau Ramon (CTO de Redbooth)

Enric Lluelles (Developer en Kerad Games).

The idea is to create a healthy and useful debate to help those of you who still don't know which one to chose. And even if you already use one of them or went for another options , you're welcome to join us and participate in the debate.

FrameworkDebattle is all about learning and sharing ideas!!

Of course, this event will be powered by Estrella Damm! Free beer for all!!