Barcelona Startup CEOs and Founders


Roger, the CEO of Quipu (, will share with us what it took him to get the startup from the idea stage to the fundraising stage, and then to the operating stage (all in 1 year). Roger will also talk about his experiences as a startup CEO & founder in Barcelona. When I met Roger at the beginning of this week he offered to help others with networking, advice, and insights. If you are ideating, creating, or running an early stage startup in Barcelona, I think you will find a lot of value in meeting Roger. He is also an amazing guy, down to earth and open to help others.

Here is a short write-up by Roger on what he would like to talk about during the meetup.

Quipu: first year of a growing startup

Quipu helps freelancers and SME to empower its business decisions, helping day to day administration and giving in real time a big picture about what's going on in your business. Making simple what's seems to be complicated.

Quipu is a startup grown inside itnig's ecosystem.
We'll share our experience during the first year: steps done, how we apply lean methodology, how an accelerator can help a startup in every life moment, customer discovery process, market reaching...

Also we'll talk about SaaS and collaborative tools, and how tools like Quipu among other SaaS can help us to improve our daily business processes.

And of course, the talk will be powered by Estrella Damm! Join us and enjoy it with a beer!