Web Scraping for Non Programmers


Web scraping is a core skill in the current technology context, but it is usually done by high skilled programmers. In this itnig talk we want to show that you - non programmer! - can also do web scraping to gather data easily from different sources. And how will we show you that? Well, we have invited a top data scientist with 9 years experience in data visualization, Alberto González Paje.

Alberto will use a computer software called Quadrigram, which is designed to make the practice of data analysis and data visualization more universal. What you will learn with Alberto and Quadrigram:

  • How to gather, shape, and share data.
  • How to prototype and share ideas rapidly
  • How to produce compelling solutions with data in the forms of interactive visualizations, animations or dashboards.

Join us on Friday, September 25 at itnig and you will learn a bit of web scraping, a bit of a visual programming language and hopefully, a source of universal inspiration for future data management projects.