Q&A with Pablo Villalba, founder of 8fit and Teambox


This is a all-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-Pablo-Villalba kind of talk.

Want to know what it feels to have a partial exit of Teambox of $1.8M? Or leave the company you've built to focus on a new project, 8fit? Or living a nomad life while working on it?

This talk is all about that. We're also curious about 8fit lean methodology, that allow them to built a product with a small team achieving results in a very short period of time. Focus seems to be the key to most of it. We are going to learn how he is doing it.

We decided to go for a Q&A because we are sure you all have lot of questions to ask Pablo about 8fit and Teambox, and the typical 20-minutes slot for questions doesn't seem enough.

Join us on Friday 26th at 19h.