Building a Brand From Scratch - The Absolute Minimum You Have to Do For Effective Marketing Communication


If you understand what your company stand for - how does it make other people's life better - and what does really matter for your audience, you are going to be able to make better decisions, create better content and spend your tiny resources (if you are a startup) in a targeted and effective way.

But nowadays you have to take into account that that the world around us shifting. This means, you can't build a successful communication strategy without understanding that transparency, meaning and purpose are becoming more and more important to your customers.

In this talk, Orsolya Anna Tóth, Communication Strategist & Entrepreneur, will talk about:

  1. The changing ecosystem: a scenario with mindful consumers, new tools, channels and ideas.
  2. The process of creating the minimum viable marketing strategy - a step by step guide to have a better understanding of the company, product and values. In this second part of the talk we will dive into the ways of doing target audience analysis and we will discuss tools and brainstorming options for coming up with ideas and creating powerful messages.

If you want to have a better understanding of communication on the strategic level, you should attend this talk! Join us!