CEO talk with Jose Luis Vilar, co-founder of Change your Flight


After the long summer break, Legal Wednesdays are back again, but there is a fundamental change: they have a new name! From now on, Legal Wednesdays become CEO talks.

The first guest of this new stage is Jose Luis Vilar, cofounder of Change your Flight. With Jose Luis we will talk about the business model of Change your flight, a startup born to solve the no shows of airlines reselling airline tickets that wouldn’t be used otherwise. We will ask him about the origin of the company, its evolution, present and future plans. We will also discuss with him today's world of entrepreneurship, his vision about it and other topics of interest for entrepreneurs.

About the interviewee:

Jose Luis Vilar is 33 years old and cofounder of After completing his studies in Industrial Engineering, he switched to Design. He did a Post Graduate and Master in Design. First, he worked as a engineer, and later he worked as business consultant and got experience in disciplines like marketing, innovation, management consulting and strategy. He has worked for Renault in Paris, and worked in Barcelona and Dubai for an innovation firm.