Strata Barcelona / Pre-Conference Meetup


Due to the forthcoming O'Reilly's Strata Conference, the organizers of the Barcelona R Users Meetup group are planning a special event at itnig, jointly organized by DataScience Spain and GEMLeB.

O'Reilly is also sponsoring this event with a kit of books, which will be raffled among the audience, and two free tickets for the Strata Conference:

  • One free ticket will be raffled among the members of Data Science Spain. If you want to be elegible, send an email with the subject STRATA TICKET to Carla Martinez >
  • The other free ticket will be raffled among those participants that have given a talk at the RugBcn Meetup Group or at the Gemleb Meetup Group during the 2014.


  • Omar Lopez, Big Data & Data Science Director at Synergic Partners:

    Use Cases of Data Science "Predictive analytics as a leverage for change and innovation”.

  • Aleix Ruiz de Villa, scientific developer at TSS - Transport Simulation Systems:

    Package Caret: this package simplifies the usual workflow of machine learning modelization. On the one hand, it provides functions for the typical steps as standarizing variables o creating partitions for the cross-validations. On the other hand uses a unique syntaxis for calling the models of the most popular machine learning packages, such as glmnet, kernlab, randomForests, glm, ...

  • Jordi Puigdellivol, Data Scientist at Synergic Partners:

    Tableau Public is a tool to tell stories and explore your data. All without writing a single line of code (although you can) . This makes it fast, easy to learn and with a great depth of development.

This event is sponsored by itnig and O'Reilly Media. Meetup members get 20% off for the Strata Conference by using the code UGRugBcn20. Get your tickets here.