Startup Next Barcelona 2014 - Fall Edition


Do you know that Startup Next is the#1 startup pre-accelerator in the world?

For well rounded teams - 2 to 4 cofounders covering the main roles of a tech startup - whose project is beyond idea stage, this program is the perfect springboard to enter into an accelerator program!

Startup NEXT consists of:

  • 5 weekly sessions (3 hours once a week) where each team will get high-quality mentorship (see confirmed mentors below).

  • A 20mins talk each day on a specific topic, essential for developing your idea while minimizing the risk of failure (see the Agenda below)

  • Homework: teams are expected to complete a small set of reporting deliverables each week (outside the sessions!) in preparation for the mentorship.

What will you do during the Startup Next?

  • Test your startup idea and team
  • Get weekly hands-on mentorship & pitch coaching
  • Stay focused on important growth metrics
  • Grow your network of startup experts and meet other founders

If your team has some proof of an MVP and some level of previous customer validation, you are perfectly eligible for participating into the Startup NEXT program. Keep reading and apply! (See application requirements below).




  • Ian Collingwood, CXO at Parkimeter and Principal at UXDNA - Customer Development talk (Session 1)
  • Lluis Vidal, Partner at Intelectium - Market Sizing (Session 2)
  • Christian Rodríguez, Founder and CEO at - Startup Metrics (Session 3)
  • Jordi Romero, VP of Business Development at Redbooth - Product/Market Fit talk (Session 4)
  • Philippe Gelis, CEO at Kantox - Fundability talk (Session 5)

DEADLINE for APPLYING > Friday, October 24th!

3 STEPS to enter this program:

  1. Apply here!
  2. Be accepted - if your team meets the requirements for entering the program (see requirements below).
  3. Satisfy the fee: 200€ per team member.


  • Friday, October 31 - Team’s pitches and Ice-breaking Session
  • Monday, November 1 - Customer Development
  • Monday, November 10 - Market Sizing
  • Monday, November 17 - MVP’s & Startup Metrics
  • Monday, November 24 - Product/Market Fit
  • Monday, December 1 - Fundability
  • Friday, December 12 - Local Demo Day. Final Presentations

See the detailed program schedule here.


Well Rounded Teams
2-4 founders on team (No solo founder teams accepted)
> Teams must have a hacker/hustler combination

Big & Unique Idea
Startups must be working on a unique technology-enabled startup idea and attacking a big market

Progress or Current Traction
Evidence of execution - Some proof of an MVP needed as we want teams at more than just an idea stage
> Problem/solution fit - Some level of previous customer validation already done and usage validation (users, revenue, LOIs, etc). We want teams we can help focus on getting closer to product/market fit

Team video
Video submissions are a good indicator of startups looking at this as an opportunity and will be willing to invest the time needed during the program

200€ per team member (This fee helps us cover the support of mentors, facilitator and organizers. It also cover the logistic costs necessary to run out the program. This program does not take any equity!)

Remember that there are 3 STEPS to enter the program.

  1. Apply here!
  2. Be accepted - if your team meets the requirements for entering the program (see requirements above).
  3. Satisfy the fee: 200€ per team member.

DEADLINE for APPLYING > Friday, October 24th!

If case you have any question, please contact us! > [email protected]