International Expansion in Startups: When, Why, Where and How?


Amidst an increasingly connected world, it’s very common for entrepreneurs to think about the possibility of expanding internationally. In many cases, the decision to go international can be daunting for both founders and investors, who are often quick to identify multiple hurdles that may appear too big to overcome. But new markets offer a whole host of opportunities and benefits and should be considered carefully in the very early stages of any startup project – if not right from day one.

This talk is aimed at anyone who has their own business or works for a company who is opening new markets or considering expanding. In this talk we are going to be looking at international expansion for new businesses, specifically focusing on:

WHEN - At what point in your startup journey do you decide to take the leap

WHY – Opportunities and advantages of going international

WHERE – How to decide which market/s to enter first

HOW - Top 10 tips for achieving successful and profitable international expansion