Presentation of the project "Startups Made in Spain"


Next Friday, January 9, Joaquin Muñoz and Thomas Evans, co-founders of Startups Made in Spain will present the project at itnig.

Startups Made in Spain in partnership with Google is a research project that gathers and presents key information regarding setting up a business in Spain. The aim of this project is to empower entrepreneurship and foster startup communities throughout Spain by becoming the VOICE for entrepreneurs in Spain.

SMIS is currently conducting an in-depth research through surveys, interviews and studies covering important topics that define the startup ecosystem of a country. The research covers entrepreneurs, investors, financial institutions, accelerators, educational institutions, incubators, media, etc.

The data will then be processed into collective reports providing the tools to entrepreneurs in making important business and product decisions.

Each and every voice is important and necessary, so if you are an entrepreneur with a business in Spain, please take out about 5-7 minutes of your time and answer the survey below:

For the English version click:

For the Spanish version click:

In March of 2015 the SMIS co-founding team will organise events in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and London to speak about the key findings of the survey results.