Creating a startup in the periphery by Carlos Hernández, CEO at Quaderno


Let's talk about the periphery. In the startups world, Europe is a peripheral area under the shadow of the US. And Spain is a peripheral area of Europe. And the Canary Islands are the most peripheral area of Spain. So people think there's nothing in these islands, but sand and volcanos. However, that's the place where Carlos Hernández decided to create his company. 100 years ago it would be just impossible. But today the world is not the same, and we all have access to the same resources, the same knowledge, the same global market. And this is changing the periphery.

He'll tell the story of a tiny bootstrapped project that was born in the periphery, and has now customers all around the world. It's a story of common places: a coffeeshop, a beach, a promenade… It's a story of good and bad moments. It's a story of hits and mistakes.