How (Not) to Succeed in Silicon Valley


Our next speaker, Antonio Garcia, founded a company, sold it to Twitter, built part of Facebook's monetization system, and made a mountain of mistakes along the way. Antonio will tell us the painful lessons from his five years in the San Francisco startup scene. His pain is our gain!

Enters Antonio:

"Most recently, I was VP of Product at Nanigans, Facebook’s largest ads partner, where I built their programmatic ad-buying platform.

Before Nanigans, I designed, built, and managed Facebook Exchange (FBX), Facebook’s real-time ad exchange.

Prior to FBX, I was Facebook’s first ads targeting product manager, responsible for all Facebook ads targeting, as well as product manager for Custom Audiences, Facebook’s offline data-matching targeting service.

Before going ‘big company’, I founded AdGrok, a search marketing startup backed by Y Combinator, Chris Sacca and others, which was acquired by Twitter in 2011. Speaking of boom and bust, my first real job was pricing credit derivatives as a financial quant on Goldman Sachs’ trading desk during the credit crisis. I’m still on leave from the physics Ph.D. program at University of California-Berkeley.

I’m based either in Barcelona or wherever my 32-foot sailboat Ayala is moored.

Follow me at: @antoniogm."

For more, check out his website: