How to monetize free-to-play videogames.


In recent years the videogame industry has evolved both hardware and software, offering better and more advanced technologies. However, the sector has not only had to adapt to the demands and technological possibilities but also to an increasingly demanding market. Also new patterns in consumption and new type of players have forced companies to rethink their monetization strategies.

The free-to-play model, which comes primarily as an acquisition strategy, has established itself as the perfect model to answer these issues. Its main advantage lies in its essence, which is simple: offer a completely free game. Obviously giving the chance of acquiring objects, updates and upgrades within the game using real money (in-app purchases).

Now the questions are: are we prepared for this change? Do we know what monetization strategies work and which do not? And when do they actually work?

This talk aims to settle and learn through real examples, the basics of designing a strategy for monetizing a free-to-play game.