1st Databeers Barcelona


Hello everybody!

We are happy to announce that DataBeers is coming to BCN. Our first event will be on Thursday, March 19th.

We have the honor to start with 4 talks, while enjoying a few beers:

- “MetaDataBeers” with Dani Villatoro from BBVA Data Analytics - @dani_agent

- “Publicity Effective AwaReness Campaigns. 1st prize BBVA Innova Challenge Mx” with David Solans from Centre Innovació i Tecnoglogia, UPC

- “Alea iacta est! Understanding the dynamics of Roman economy using Monte Carlo simulations” wtih Xavier-Rubio Campillo, researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Center - @xrubiocampillo

- “Simple viz, complex analysis” with Oscar Marín from Outliers.Collective- @oscarmarinmiro

Join us! And don’t forget to let your data-friends know!