UX for Lean Startups with Sarah Rink - UX Myths


Lean Startup Circle meetup is back!!

This edition's speaker, Sarah Rink, is a partner at TinkTank design, where she focuses her UX expertise on Startups. Sarah has designed products used by millions of users around the world for companies such as Samsung, The Times and Sunday Times, Cineworld, Which? and ninemsn. She currently works with a number of local startups, to help them rapidly create and explore new products and experiences for their users. Her process is very much in the spirit of Lean Startup, as she purports things such as:

- To innovate with evidence

- You are not your user, so go talk to them!

- UX prototyping

- Good UX is holistic

- UX is not only about usability

- ... and much more!

Sarah is a former Reuters journalist with a master's degree in Human Computer Interaction from University College London's prestigious UCLIC faculty. She's spent months conducting in-depth ethnographic research into the culture of newsrooms and other media organisations to help them transition from print to digital.

She is also founder of SocialToy an international experiment to create free, community-managed toy-boxes in children's' parks all over the world.