Docker, Kubernetes and down the rabbit hole we go!


Join us in the 7th Docker Barcelona Meetup (#dockerbcn). Last time we got to do a bit workshop and introductory of docker, now we'll go a bit deeper to the containers' rabbit hole.


- 19:00 Kubernetes is coming!
- 19:30 A new hosting path thanks to Docker
- 20:00 Lighting talks

Kubernetes is coming! (Speaker: Xavi)

A standard level session in order to:

- Understanding where came from K8s and who is who in the theater of operations.
- How to use and status of art of this project.
- Perspectives of application in IaaS and PaaS. SysOps and DevOps implications.
- Short demonstration sessiĆ³n using Kubernetes and how to scale and control Docker with Kubernetes.

A new hosting path thanks to Docker (Speaker: Joan Vega)
Serving WordPress sites is fun on its start but becomes a problem as time passes.

When WordPress evolves and grows, upgrades become something terrifying. This ends up having outdated software, something terrifying for the sysadmin.

This talk shows how Docker provides a less intimidating WordPress environment for the End User and a more peaceful life for you: sysAdmin.

Lightning Talks The following are some of the lightning talks that will be presented. As always, if there are volunteers from the attendees that want to present they will be more than welcome to share their experiences.

- Using docker for stress tests
(Speaker: Xavi)

In Abiquo we are incorporating docker in our daily development cycle, helping the dev team to improve their job performance and facilitating test deployments with complex scenarios.

The aim of this lightning talk it's to explain how we use docker to deploy hundreds of mocks microservices to simulate big datacenters and do stress tests.

- Supervising docker containers
(Speaker: Emmet O'Grady)

I'll explain quickly how I am using supervisor to make sure they my containers are running in production. I'll also explain how I use ansible to manage supervisor and it's processes.